It is always advisable to accomply your new tenants for the Check-In. The check-in process ensures that your new tenants are in agreement with the condition of the property and the contents as detailed in the inventory, if necessary amendments are also made at this time. Meter readings are also taken, the keys are handed over and the inventory is signed and agreed by the tenants to prevent disagreements at the end of the tenancy. This can be done electronically so therefore saving paper . There is an extra charge of £30.00 for this Service


The check-out takes place at the end of the tenancy and compares the condition at that time with the original signed inventory. 

Ideally this should be done in the presence of the tenant as this helps to prevent disagreements when the report is completed. Once completed the report will be emailed to you with recommendations of what if anything your former tenants are liable for. For an extra fee Southend Inventory Clerk will also complete negations with your former tenants on your behalf and if necessary take your case to the adjudication service.



Southend Inventory Clerk is working towards providing all your necessary reports that are required before your tenancy starts in one bundle. Therefore taking all the stress and worries in organising all these reports/certificates.

Under current legislation the following reports/certificates are required: 

  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Legionnaires Risk Assessment
  • Gas Safety Certificate
    Recommended by not compulsory by law:
  • Electrical Safety Test
  • Risk Assessment